Kinetix Energy Services?Inc.?has acheived and maintained the Alberta COR certification in safety and utilizes the safety procedures and guidelines as outlined by the Alberta Government and their partner Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships.? Kinetix Energy Services?Inc.?is also registered and in good standing with the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta.

Kinetix Energy?Services?Inc.?maintains a pro-active approach to health and safety, constantly improving?with our intention to get?”All Personnel Home Safely Everyday”. Safety policies and procedures are reviewed daily and on every job site so that our every move is done with safety in mind, supporting our goal of 0 incidents, accidents, and injuries on or off the job.

The success and or failure of Kinetix Energy Services Inc.?lies within the health and safety of our employees, contractors and vendors, it is the core of our business our structure and our future.

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